"Gott kvöld and good evening. We are now making our final descent into Boston Logan International Airport. Please put your tray tables up, return your seats to the upright position, and could the passenger who took $300 out of Chief Purser Dagbjört's purse please return it? Once again, thank you for choosing Icelandair for all your mile-high pickpocketing needs."

That's probably not how the announcement went. But it's pretty much what happened: Massachusetts State Police say they arrested passenger Torry Johnson after he disembarked from Icelandair Flight 631 on Sunday at 5 p.m., accusing him of stealing $300 from a flight attendant's purse mid-flight.

He was actually confronted by the flight crew in the air, at which point he returned a handful of Icelandic krónas, then spun around and locked himself in the bathroom. Police think he flushed the rest of the missing money down the toilet. [AP, Photo via Nick Bock/Flickr]