In your mordant Monday media column: NotW readers disappear, newspapers must advertise, Keith Gessen's pale jail tale, the Tribune Co. screws more shareholders, in-house news, and your headline fuckup of the day.

  • Interesting media factoid: after dirty UK Sunday tabloid News of the World folded, overall Sunday readership in the UK fell by 17%. That means that rather than switch to a new paper, hundreds of thousands of former NotW readers just stopped reading newspapers altogether. Why? Probably because there's not another paper as dumb as NotW was. Yet!
  • Idea for the ailing newspaper industry! Newspapers should spend more money advertising themselves. Sure, sure. Or advertise themselves for free, on all those newspaper ad pages that nobody buys any more.
  • Here, at last, is Gawker figure and literary man Keith Gessen's account of his 32 hours in jail after being arrested at an Occupy Wall Street protest earlier this month. Judging by the length of this piece, Gessen spent all 32 hours in jail writing. A mere joke! But this is, perhaps, the first ever first person account of a time that two current or former New Yorker staffers were locked up together, along with two conceptual artists. Read it, for history's sake.
  • Who else is getting screwed by the Tribune Co. bankruptcy that evil billionaire Sam Zell caused? Thousands of small time investors who cashed out of Tribune stock before the company went bankrupt. Way to somehow screw even those totally uninvolved in your nefarious wrongdoing, Sam Zell!
  • Tommy Craggs is the new editor of Deadspin. Everyone say, "Congratulations, Tommy." We also have a new editor here, on this very site.
  • Hahaha, The Deseret News ran a headline which ended in a hyphen and then just totally disappeared (photo here.) Newspaper layout people in Utah—what are they even doing?!

[Photo: AP]