[There was a video here]

Tonight, NBC aired its annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting special. It was boring! Well, except for the part where Justin Bieber debuted the music video for his duet with Mariah Carey of "All I Want for Christmas Is You (Superfestive!)." Because what the hell?

OK, so first of all, can we please discuss the fact that Carey spent the majority of the video dressed in a slutty Santa costume, dancing seductively in front of a green screen that was made to look like an artificial stone wall panel? Because what was that? Oh, and what was with Bieber spending its entirety standing atop some tacky riser in the middle of an abandoned Macy's, singing emphatically to... nobody?

What does it all mean? If your guess was, "The 17-year-old seemingly still prepubescent boy, singing all emphatically atop his riser, was doing so to woo the object of his affection, that being the 41-year-old slutty Santa green screen dancing lady, and vice versa," then congratulations/you're just as weird as the people who thought up the concept for this music video.