Every year around Christmas you get a lot of people trying to make a YouTube clip that everyone is going to post on their Facebook wall. Here are two manic dancers who are trying to "Single Ladies" their way into your heart with a Christmas song. It's going to work.

You can't help but smile at this lip-synch music video that has two sexy dancers in ridiculous unitards and holiday socks singing along to Mariah Carey's now classic carol "All I Want for Christmas Is (window shattering high note) You." Just like in a Beyoncé's video they do the whole thing in one take while the camera swirls and zooms around them.

Yes, the photographer could have used a steadier hand (or a Steadicam) and yes, this isn't going to entirely blow your mind, but it is silly and fun and the male dancer is real cute and it will keep you entertained for 4 minutes while putting you in the holiday spirit. Oh, and just wait for the Bieberific surprise ending. Good job, guys. We can't wait to see what you think up for Easter.