Two British judges have decided that Wikileaking lothario Julian Assange can petition the British Supreme Court to consider his appeal against extradition to Sweden, where authorities want to ask him about two alleged sexual assault incidents. This means he won't have to cancel his holiday plans, which included adapting the contents of diplomatic cables into Christmas carols (probably).

Today's ruling doesn't mean that the Supreme Court will automatically consider Assange's extradition appeal, but that the court might do so. Now his lawyers have two weeks to file the petition. If the court ignores it, then Assange will "have exhausted all legal avenues in Britain," his lawyer told the BBC. And then he will be "screwed," in legal parlance. Last month, Assange lost his appeal against extradition before Britain's High Court, which prompted this latest petition request.

All this courtroom drama seems to have excited Assange's hair follicles, as his hairdo continues to get shaggier.

[BBC. Image via AP]