Good news: The hopeless racists of Pike County, Kentucky's Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church have been overruled. After church leaders voted to ban interracial couples—starting with the above-photographed lifelong attendee and her Zimbabwean fiance—a larger group of church members declared the racist rule null and void, since church bylaws cannot run contrary to the law, including anti-discrimination laws. Thirty church members went on to pass a new resolution welcoming "believers into our fellowship regardless of race, creed, or color."

Bad news: Those thirty people still go to church with a handful of hopeless racists, including the guy who wrote the racist rule, who still maintains that he did nothing wrong, is not racist, and that this is an "internal affair."

Good news: That guy seems old and will probably die soon. The interracial couple will go on with their lives, popping out mixed-race babies and living happily ever after. The old racist will sit alone, weeping into his liver-spotted hands and being very confused with the world. Or at least, that is how I will imagine it, to avoid falling into a deep depression and losing hope in humanity. [AP, image via AP]