In what may be the first case of tragic e-mail spam, a family keeps receiving spam emails from their dead mother's email account. From

The emails started about two months ago, almost two years to the day after Cassie Woods' mom died of nearly untreatable scleroderma. Woods' heard a beep on her phone in September and looked down and saw it was from her mom's email account. "My mom was my best friend," she says through tears.

The emails kept coming to everyone in Paula Case's address book. A hacker had hijacked her account. "I don't think it's fair that me and my sisters have to suffer seeing an email from my mom that's not even here," Woods says weeping.

Click to viewThe family has tried to get Yahoo to deactivate her account, to no avail. This has been a problem with Facebook for years—the site sometimes cruelly reminds users to "keep up" with friends who have died. But in this case, seems like it would be pretty easy to adjust the spam filter.