Three staffers for Democratic Washington Rep. Rick Larsen were fired today after their four months' worth of tweets that "describe on-the-job drinking, frivolous misuse of office time and resources, and contain public insults aimed at the boss himself" were traced to them. While on-the-job drinking and insulting your boss may be understandable, it's just unacceptable for any Hill staffers to frivolously misuse office time and resources.

Many of the staffers' tweets include the acronym "D2R," short for "December to Remember," a "phrase coined by the trio of staffers to define their attempt to spend the final month of the year in a state of perpetual debauchery," according to the Northwest Daily Marker. On one day of this celebratory month, the staffers coordinated a plan to do shots of Jack Daniels outside the Cannon House Office Building at the start of the workday. One staffer also notes that his coworker was doing shots of Jack Daniels behind his desk. And then someone was drinking Jack Daniels and coffee during a meeting, too. There's no evidence of them jamming Jack Daniels-soaked tampons up their butts in the Speaker's lobby at 4 a.m. — so far.

Also too, one of them likes to watch Nirvana videos on YouTube. That's more or less it. Read more here, if you must!

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