BNY Mellon is the investment bank that used Occupy Wall Street in a hilarious gag at a financial comedy (?) night last month. Bet they cackled all the way to the courthouse in Pittsburgh, where they filed a lawsuit to evict Occupy Pittsburgh from the park they've been camping out in for the past two weeks.

Protesters in Pittsburgh have been occupying the BNY Mellon-owned Mellon Green since October 15th. Mellon is fed up with the hippies dirtying everything, and their plans to lug in heaters and stuff to "winterize" the encampment. They told occupiers to leave by yesterday but, obviously that didn't happen so now they've asked a judge to kick out the ~100 protesters still occupying the Green.

Let's hope BNY Mellon continues to have a sense of humor about the whole thing and uses a comically oversized pushbroom to just sweep them all into a nearby church, instead of the extremely unfunny paramilitary raid Bloomberg cooked up.

[AP, Image via AP]