Exciting news for fans of the country's premiere cat-juggling competition, America's Got Talent. The Piers Morgan-shaped hole in the NBC reality show's judging roster has been filled with none other than self-proclaimed King of All Satellite Radio, Howard Stern. The deal was announced on Stern's Sirius radio show this morning, with Stern literally signing the contract on the air that would pay him an undisclosed amount (the rumor is $15 million), in addition to moving the show from L.A. to New York.

Morgan has already tweeted his approval of his successor, saying, "Congrats to @HowardStern on landing my #AmericasGotTalent judging gig — he'll be outrageous, hilarious, dangerous & brilliant. Can't wait." Fellow judge Howie Mandel declared, "I couldnt be happier" on Twitter while Sharon Osbourne has so far remained suspiciously quiet.

With literally thousands of hours under his belt judging everything from Miss Butterface Pageants to Small Penis Contests, Howard seems a natural choice. Congratulations, NBC; with the return of Fear Factor this week and now this classy feather in your cap, you are officially back on track towards recapturing the all-important, 18-49 "Baba Booey!"-yelling demo.

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