Brutal and cultish North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il is dead, and as the news spread last night, Twitter users reflected on the news the only way they knew how: by referring to the same racist Team America song so much that it hit the trending topics.

Yes, only a short while after Kim's death became public, so many people on Twitter had decided to quote the title lyric of the song "I'm So Ronery" that it became a "trending topic." "I'm So Ronery," if you don't remember it, is a hilarious ditty from the 2004 film Team America about how Kim Jong-il is lonely, only with an edgy twist: he's Asian. Asian! So he talks funny! Yikes! Talk about politically incorrect! (Or should I say "porriticarry"?!) As always, leave it to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for some really cutting-edge, up-to-date race humor.

And leave it to Twitter—the best place in the world at the moment news breaks and the worst place in the world five minutes later—to reference that race humor, dimly remembered years later, as its first collective response to a world-historical event. I love it! Why even bother coming up with a whole new joke on your own when you can use a seven-year-old bit of "funny accent" humor that trades on stereotypes that were stale in the 1940s? Maybe next time we can work in a bit about how he looked yellow, or something? Or does that require too much thought? Hopefully the next big piece of foreign policy news was covered in Team America, too.