How good was last night's first season finale of American Horror Story? A little long, but so good, right? And amazing show creator Ryan Murphy will continue to not fuck his show up. This is a Christmas miracle.

Murphy announced today that season two of the FX hit will have a whole new haunting, all new characters, and a whole new cast. Yes! This is exactly what we would have hoped for. While the idea of a soap opera consisting of a bunch of ghosts trapped in a house sounds appealing, it would get old really fast, but this will keep the show fresh for at least a few more seasons. This is the kind of bold move more TV shows should make.

Murphy, who created the show with Brad Falchuk, said that some of the actors from season one might return (please say Jessica Lange and Dylan McDermott's ass) but they'll be playing totally different people being terrorized by totally different demons.

Congrats on a perfect season one, guys. You answered all the questions and tied up all the stories nicely while leaving room for our creepy imaginations to run wild about the possibilities of what happens next. Hopefully you can do it all again next year, but, knowing Murphy's track record, he'll probably find a way to mess it up.