Hangover 2 is having all sorts of trademark issues! After being sued by a tattoo artist over a fake Mike Tyson tattoo, now they're being sued by Louis Vuitton for using fake luggage and claiming it's the real thing. What are they going to sue every tourist who has ever been to Chinatown too?

I think this has to be karmic retribution for making so much damn money from a shitty movie. Louis Vuitton wants a share of those profits and wants Warner Bros., who produced the movie, to alter the luggage in the DVD. They already changed the tattoo for the tattoo artist and gave him some hush money, but they're not budging on this.

A trademark suit against Warner Bros, which was filed yesterday in a New York federal court, suggests the firm has been damaged after Galifianakis's line, "careful, that is a Louis Vuitton", became a catchphrase. According to the complaint, rather than sourcing a real Louis Vuitton, producers apparently utilised a knock-off made by the Diophy group of companies, who Vuitton is also suing to prevent it selling its goods in the US. In short, the company claims trademark dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition.

"Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton" is not a catch phrase. Is it? Nothing from that awful piece of shit movie should be a catch phrase except, "How can I get a refund for sitting through this?" Maybe that's what the Hangover 2 should do. Just refund everyone! That way there's no profit to share for all those trademarks they ripped off.