Seniors in Tokyo are turning up at the city's specialized brothels more and more, according to the Tokyo Reporter. Kayoko Kageyama, the author of a book about the sex industry in Japan, sees it as results of Japanese attitudes towards sex loosening up in the 60's and 70's, when most of these men were coming of age.

One would also think the increase comes from the abundance of Viagra now on the market, but it's not just for sex. It seems a lot of these senior citizens are just there for some good old fashioned platonic fun. Sometimes they just want to take a bath and release some stress. As one artist who lives in the brothel district so eloquently put it:

"Once reaching the age where their members go soft, men in their 60s can still enjoy stimulating gals with their fingers and tongues," the artist adds. "They pray to the god of the vagina. Just according it worship is enough to give them peace of mind."

[photo via AP]