As Mitt Romney settles in to gloat over his inevitable victory in tonight's Florida primary, it is worth noting that he and the rest of the Republican candidates are still viewed as losers by an increasing number of Republican voters. A new Pew Research poll finds that the number of GOP voters who let out an annoyed sigh when you ask them about their crop of candidates is larger than even a few weeks ago:

Amid a bruising primary campaign, Republicans remain unimpressed with their party's presidential field. In fact, more Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters say the GOP field is only fair or poor (52%) than did so in early January (44%).

Sam Stein notes some early Fox News exit poll numbers that find essentially the same lack of enthusiasm in Florida:

According to the exit polls, 57 percent of Florida primary goers said they were satisfied with the field; 39 percent said they were not; and "four out of 10 voters" said they would like to see someone else get in.

None of this is good news for Mitt Romney or anyone else, especially considering that at the same point in 2008, 68% of Republican voters rated the field with a big thumbs up.

[Image via AP]