Well isn't Mitt Romney just a lucky boy tonight: his campaign told ABC News that he will begin receiving Secret Service protection this week "because of the increase in crowd sizes" at his campaign events. Presumably this calculus was made before Mitt Romney decided he would start erupting into song during his stump speech? Anyhow, Twitter is absolutely piddling itself with excitement trying to come up with code names that the Secret Service might consider using for Mitt Romney. Here are a few of 'em in no particular order:

"By Mennen"



"Dry Toast"

"Aqua Net"



"Darth Helmet"

"The Fire Chief"

"Mom Jeans"



And so let's see, what would we add to this list? Maybe "Mexi-2.0" or possibly just "Fudge," although both seem a little obvious for a code name, right?

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