If this experiment in traffic whoring has taught me anything, it is that it is an exercise in complete and utter humiliation in exchange for traffic. And for me, that means two little words: Bar. Mitzvah.

Or Bat Mitzvah, if you are a lady like I am. Now that I have shared mine with you, it's time for you to share yours. I want to know all about the giveaways (one lucky Freeze Dance winner went home with the Austin Powers movie at mine, ya jealous?), the games (Coke and Pepsi, a truly fantastic way to subtly flirt with your crush as half of the game is spent sitting on his or her lap), and most importantly, the hora.

Also, please know that the competition is not exclusively for the star of the show; embarrassing photos from a Bar or Bat Mitzvah you attended are perfectly acceptable as well. For those of you unlucky souls who have never been to one, I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cringe-worthy embarrassment that is unique to a people forced to sing and dance in front of all their friends and family at the ugliest stages of human life.

Here's how to play.

  • All entries should be posted in the comments section of this post. Emailed entries will not be considered. If you're not a commenter, find out how to become one here. (Pro Tip for new commenters: you won't be able to see your comment until it is approved. Just put it in once. We got it! We promise. Don't put it in five times because it didn't show up.)
  • Here is how to upload a picture in the comments. Upload your picture to the internet, I suggest using TinyPic. Go to the comments and enter some text, then click on the little photo icon. Paste the URL of your photo (the one that ends in .jpg) into the box and press "Share." Presto! If you have any problems, email the help desk.
  • The deadline is noon tomorrow, February 2nd. We'll publish the winner on the 3rd. The winner gets a box of Manishewitz, some Hanukkah gelt, a memory candle made by a Gawker staff member, and some other priceless Judaica. Note: If this turns out to be an especially popular post, we will turn it into a weekly feature. Think, "Best Bar Mitzvah Photo of the Week." It's in your hands, readers.
  • Standard Contest Rules apply.

[Thank you to Alex Glaser for the original compilation]