Today we reported that Chinese micro-blogs had exploded in rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was assassinated this morning in Beijing. Now, we owe it to the internet to see if there's any truth to the rumors. We need you, Chinese Gawker readers!

According to Quantcast we've had about 6,000 visitors from China this month. (We're apparently not blocked. Yet.) We need every one of you to help us get to the bottom of this Kim Jong-Un rumor.

What do you guys think? Was Kim Jong-Un assassinated this morning? You can help us in the following ways. Please email with any leads:

  • Go to the North Korean embassy in Beijing and see what's up. Do you see explosions, special ops soldiers rappelling from helicopters, etc? Take some pictures.
  • Translate and email the best Kim Jong-Un death rumors from any of China's countless micro-blogging platforms.
  • Translate and email the best factual debunkings of those rumors.
  • What, if anything, is Chinese mainstream media saying about this?
  • Ask the nearest Communist Party official what he thinks about all this.
  • Just take a picture of wherever you are in China right now and send it in. Maybe we can learn something from those?
  • Also, what time is it in China now?

All participants will earn our eternal gratitude and be named honorary Gawker Chinese Bureau Correspondents. In the inevitable war between our two countries, we'll do our best not to aim for you.