This leading lady slept with several of the men and at least one of the women who costarred with her in this movie. This actor is pretending to be back on drugs for publicity. He should try sleeping around: it's much more fun and much more scandalous.

1. "Maybe orgy is the wrong word to describe what happened on the making of this movie, but there was certainly lots of rampant sex going on. It all started with an A list movie actress at the time who was starring in a franchise and wanted to keep her glory. She hated doing this movie, but she was committed so decided to make the best of it. For her, this meant having as much sex and doing as many drugs as possible while making the movie. Every co-star was fair game and when one actor thought he was the one she found special, he would be replaced and a new one brought in. She was the goddess of the movie and acted like it. She was a way larger star than any other actor on the film, primarily because she was charging so much to be in it that there was no budget for anyone else.

Besides having sex with the actors on the set, she also brought in an old co-star who was still hanging on to his A list acting fame at the time. An Academy Award winner, he dropped by the set and the next thing you know, the pair were in his hotel room and not her trailer. He was with his now wife at the time, but he had wanted the goddess when they had last made a movie together and she had turned him down. This time he was having her, marriage be damned. Oh, there was the B list movie actress with the alliteration for a name who stopped by one day and they reunited after a few years apart. This actress has played in some very steamy roles of her own. There was one actor, now a B- list who claimed he had never had sex with a woman before. Men yes, but not women, so our goddess had to have him. She did. Now he is married to a B list actress." [CDaN]

2. "Is this award-winning actor is slipping back into bad habits? Even though this is the same behavior that got him condemned by the public and got him fired from a cushy gig and got his kids taken away, there are fears that he's back at it. Well, we have some good news to report. He's fine. It's all just talk to stir up buzz about his newest project. Publicity: it's a hell of a drug." [Blind Gossip]