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Just when you thought the kids had discovered every possible way to ingest alcohol, they went ahead and started soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them up their rectums.

Perhaps you've heard about "butt chugging" before, but KTNV hadn't, and so they produced this strangely whimsical TV news report: The "younger crowd," the station reports, has found another "bizarre and dangerous way to get drunk." Sure, butt chugging is bizarre, and maybe dangerous, but it is also fairly straightforward:

Both guys and girls are taking tampons, soaking them in alcohol and them shoving them into a place they definitely don't belong.

It is known as "butt chugging" and it will supposedly cause a person to become drunker quicker and for that drunk feeling to be more intense.

Doctors warn that this is a very dangerous practice and could lead to muscle damage.

A doctor told KTNV's Jessica Janner that butt chugging is "the same as if you're injecting alcohol intravenously," and warns that this kind of absorption doesn't give any "warning signs"—so you might get very drunk from the vodka-soaked tampons, but you won't have to vomit later. You just might have to sit down gingerly.

Kids, man. What will they think of next? Drinking vodka through their eyes???

[KTNV, Image via Shutterstock]