This award-winning performer went crazy on the DJ at a club for playing a disco remix of one of her departed friend's songs. These married (not to each other) celebs, who had an affair in the past, are planning a project so they can get together again. This A-lister never learned his driver's name. That sounds par for the course.

1. "One of my favorite all time divas has herself quite the mouth. She also has certain beliefs about what songs should be played and what songs should not. Our diva used to be A list back in the day and is probably still and will always be a B list. She is also a nominee/winner of the big one. Anyway she was at a club and this disco version of a classic song comes on. Our diva goes over to the DJ and starts screaming at him. Oh, this is after she has hurled a cocktail glass at him and the glasses of all her companions. 'Don't you ever play that fucking song again. If you do, I will have you fired. She is turning over in her grave.' She then went back to the table and did a line of coke." [CDaN]

2. "These two performers had a hot fling years ago. Now they are both 'happily' married to other people… and they are having another hot fling with each other! They are very quietly trying to book a project together so that they will have a legitimate excuse for spending time together. If they succeed, watch for them to express surprise that the other is committed to the project as well, to express only mild pleasure that they will be working together, and to act like it's no big deal. If their spouses knew what was really going on, though, believe us, it would be a very big deal!" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This source comes from the driver of a long time A list actor. According to the driver, it took twenty years until the actor actually asked the driver what his name was." [BuzzFoto]