Jason Segel, the sitcom star who is just dying to make it big in the movies, luuurrrrvved The Muppets so much that he convinced Disney to bring the franchise back and cowrote their recent movie. But now that he's popular in Hollywood he's too big for the Muppet's planned sequel.

Vulture reports that Segel is just too busy with all of his other projects to write the movie, which now falls squarely on the shoulders of his cowriter Nicholas Stoller. While Stoller is slaving away at a laptop at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf somewhere in L.A., Segel will be filming How I Met Your Mother, promoting Five Year Engagement and This Is Forty, and writing some other screenplays. Oh, he still might step in and star in the thing once all the hard work has been done. That's real nice of you, Jas.

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