As promised, Lindsay Lohan poked fun at her legal troubles when she hosted SNL last night.

During the monologue, she made light of her time wearing an electronic monitoring device while on probation. At one point, a security alarm went off and she exclaimed: "Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage? I thought it was if I left the studio!" Then and another cast member checked her eyes to see if she appeared to be intoxicated.

Lohan's other sketches included a Scared Straight parody, in which she played herself, and a Real Housewives of Disney sketch, in which she played herself Rapunzel. But how was her performance? The MTV News review is fairly critical, mostly taking note of how little Lohan actually did.

While the crowd (and cast) was clearly supportive during at the top of the show, the evening's sketches featured "SNL" regulars doing the comedic heavy lifting. Lohan's lines were noticeably few. When she did speak, she clearly read from cue cards.

I'll admit, I missed last night's show, so I can't weigh in with an opinion here. According to MTV, Lohan's comeback earned "mixed reviews." Most of the negativity they quote, however, is from Twitter users, and we all know how critical they can be. So, was Lohan a poor choice for host, or was she just given poor material to work with? And was everyone simply looking for her to fail? I pose this to you with the knowledge that Gawker commenters are no less harsh than the rest of the internet — but hey, at least you can back up your vitriol.

[Image via AP]