The New York Times today has a story about the "flaws" in the Russian presidential election, won yesterday by (surprise!) Vladimir Putin. Election observers, report David M. Herszenhorn, "issued a harsh critique" of Putin's "preordained and unfair" victory.

But if we're talking flaws, Mr. Herszenhorn, then let's talk about burying the lede in this story of yours! Five paragraphs in, we hear from a Netherlands senator:

Tiny Kox, a senator from the Netherlands who led another delegation, said, "The conditions of the campaign were clearly skewed in the favor of one candidate."

Tiny Kox! Tiny Kox is a real person. Do the Dutch know how fantastic it is that they have an elected official named Tiny Kox? We're so desperate for something similar that we just went ahead and made one of our politician's names a dirty word ourselves. The Netherlands had better be making good use of this Tiny Kox.

[NYT, Images via AP]