Queens Councilman Peter F. Vallone, Jr., took time out of his busy schedule of personally hunting down graffiti artists to speak out against Hollywood's war on Christians. What's got the councilman all fired up? The title of a new show on ABC, GCB, short for Good Christian Bitches. Judging by the subway poster, which is the closest I will ever get to watching this show, it's about a pretty white blond lady in her 30's who wears a lot of jewelry. Posted the councilman on his facebook:

so on this lenten sunday i'm reading a post column called "the joke's on Jesus" about a show called "GCB" (short for Good Christian B*tches) in which the star, kristin chenoweth says "if you cant laugh at yourself you are taking life too seriously..." The point isn't that Christians cant laugh at themselves, the point is why is it always Christians the hollywood is laughing at?? We won't hold our breath until we see a show with a title like this about some other religion..

Vallone has yet to comment on the horrible industry attacks on women who live in apartment 23.

[pic via Hollywood Reporter]