This tween star is always fighting with another tween star over boys. This actress has been in a string of abusive relationships and this is the worst yet, and this musician's career is being ruined by booze and drugs. Now that would be a first.

1. "This could turn out to be a tweener catfight. You know even , when you are a tweener, there are apparently jealousies and lots and lots of sexual backstabbing. So, this former A list female tweener (No Love) has not said two words directly to this also former A list female tweener (Not So Innocent) despite having to sometimes work together. It all goes back to when they both were on the same network. No Love used to hate how goody goody Not So Innocent was or at least pretended to be. Turns out that Not So Innocent was the queen of the quickie when it came to oral and No Love felt like Not So Innocent should have the horrible reputation. So, whenever Not So Innocent liked some guy, that is who No Love went after. It is how she ended up with her long term relationship which just ended. Of course No Love ended up looking trashy during that too which killed her because she waited forever before she even had sex with the boyfriend while Not So Innocent was with anyone and everyone. If not for the fact one of these tweeners is not a fan of women, she would have probably had the whole family. Not So Innocent's current boyfriend was deciding between No Love and Not So Innocent at one point, but No Love, as much as she hates Not So Innocent, could not stop laughing everytime this current A list tweener opened his mouth to speak. So, he made his second choice. Well, actually third, because his second choice ended up in rehab after they had sex." [CDaN]

2. "We've written about this B/C list young actress before, and she's no stranger to strange relationships and abuse. However, we hear that her current relationship with an older man is extremely abusive and if she doesn't get help, she might not survive this one. Unfortunately, she has little to no resources or a good support system. We sincerely hope it isn't true!" [BuzzFoto]

3. "He used be a genuinely nice guy. Serious about his music, surrounded by people who cared about him, kind to his fans, grateful for his good fortune. Then he surrounded himself with an entourage of users and hangers-on and everything changed. The members of this entourage are very versatile. His drummer is also his drug dealer. His bodyguard parties with him and engages in Twitter wars for him. The models double as escorts. The rest of the party crowd uses his name to hawk their wares, everything from jewelry to drugs. He doesn't mind. It makes him feel popular. Then there's the slimy actor pal who has quite the impressive track record of ruining young lives (and is about to add one more to the list).

Thanks to his choice of friends, the formerly wholesome singer started doing drugs last year… and hasn't stopped since. He now drinks every day and parties every night. The party usually starts around 4 PM, the shots of Patron start at 8 PM, and then it's constant drinking and smoking cigars and drugs until 4 or 5 or 6 AM, even when he's scheduled to work the next day. As he gets more and more loaded throughout the night, he likes to rail about how much he hates his life, how much he hates his family, and about how he's the one who really deserves the success one of his band mates is now experiencing.

He's going downhill fast. He's been blowing off writing sessions and missing rehearsals. The rest of his group (who genuinely do care about him) make excuses for him and reschedule rehearsals again and again. He doesn't seem to care about anything except the alcohol and the dr*gs and being the king of his party entourage. He even ditched a charity event last week because he decided that he would rather go party in Miami. He has nothing but contempt for his fans (he makes fun of them and tells them to "get a life"). And all that smoking has completely ruined his voice. Yes, he used to be a genuinely nice guy. Now he's just an ungrateful, jealous, bitter alcoholic with a smoke-ruined voice, surrounded by users and losers, hating his fans, hating his life. We know you're reading this. Get help, dude." [Blind Gossip]