Famed slut and Missouri native Rush Limbaugh is set to be honored with a bronze statue at the Missouri state Capitol, House Speaker Steven Tilley confirmed yesterday.

The sculpture, a bust, will be placed in the Capitol rotunda's Hall of Famous Missourians, alongside some of the Show-Me State's lesser heroes, including Harry S. Truman (the 33rd President of the United States), Laura Ingalls Wilder (a slut who wrote a book about a bunch of sluts shacking up, Real World-style, in a little sorority house or something, I don't know) and Dred Scott (a slave who unsuccessfully sued his owner for his family's freedom in a landmark Supreme Court case, the controversial ruling of which is often cited as a conflict that helped spark the U.S. Civil War).

Funds for the sculptures, which cost $10,000 apiece, are raised privately through Speaker Tilley's annual golf tournament.

155 years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that black men were not citizens of the United States.

While Tilley's plan to include Limbaugh was first unveiled last month, the decision has come under fire recently, in the wake of the radio host's controversial comments about law student Sandra Fluke. However, proving true the old adage that Missourians rush in where angels and corporate sponsors fear to tread, Speaker Tilley told the Kansas City Star:

"It's not the Hall of Universally Loved Missourians. It's the Hall of Famous Missourians."

Among the other non-Universally Loved Missourians represented in the Capitol building: Walter Cronkite, Mark Twain, and Sacagawea, the Native American woman best known for her role as a guide on Lewis & Clark's Western expedition, but whom Rush Limbaugh might refer to, more succinctly, as "a babymama."

The bonkers icing on this crazy cake: as The Washington Post points out, Rush Limbaugh does not even care for artists.

[Image via AP]