Forensics experts have used plaster molds of sailors' skulls excavated from the wreckage of Civil War warship the U.S.S. Monitor to create facial reconstructions that could provide clues to the identities of two men who perished when the ship was lost at sea in December of 1862.

If you recognize either of these gentlemen from your everyday life, you are encouraged to destroy that man because he is a zombie.

Sixteen of 63 crewmen drowned in the storm that ultimately sunk the Monitor, but these two sets of remains, discovered in 1973 off the coast of North Carolina, are the only ones that have ever been recovered. As the identities of all the ship's crewmen are known, experts hope the facial reconstructions will bear enough resemblance to one or two of the men in old crew photographs that historians will be able to identify the victims.

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[Image via AP]