Uh oh, big scandal the in the world of Le Bordeaux ("wine"): influential "wine collector" Rudy Kurniawan has been arrested by real live FBI agents and charged with fraud for attempting to auction off more than 100 bottles of wine (for more than $1.3 million) about whose provenance he lied. Can you imagine? Some unsuspecting wine collectors out there thought they were buying 1929 Domaine Ponsot, but actually it was some other wine in the bottle. Outrageous.

I think Kurniawan's defense should be, hey, even alleged "wine experts" can't tell what the fuck kind of wine they're drinking if forced to drink it without looking at the label. You'd do just as well picking wine by tossing a coin. The entire concept of "wine criticism" is bullshit. So who cares if the wine inside was different from the label? It's not like they'd be able to tell, anyhow.

Let's arrest the real criminals: people who pay thousands of dollars for bottles of wine.

[LAT. Photo of some 1959 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti: philosophygeek/ Flickr]