A flight in Texas was sent back to the gate about an hour ago after a flight attendant snapped and started "ranting over the PA system about the plane crashing," according to the Dallas Observer. The plane is still scheduled to take off. Didn't anyone see Final Destination?

It sounds like a pretty wild scene on Flight 2332, bound for Chicago (not France), when a flight attendant hopped on the PA system:

"We are not taking off," she said, according to the passengers. "We're having technical difficulties. We are heading back to the gate."

Another flight attendant came on and assured the passengers: Yes, actually, we are taking off, so buckle up. But the flight attendant up front wouldn't let up. She kept going on about technical difficulties and plane crashes, the passengers say.

"Captain," she said. "I am not responsible for crashing this plane."

Apparently, one attendant was injured in the ensuing fracas, which involved "some guys in the back of the plane, in town for a Sam's Club company meeting" helping to restrain the attendant. The whole crew's been swapped out (though not the pilots), and the flight should take off any minute now.

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