Robert Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25, got a little too carried away with their reverence for phenomenal 80's move Weekend At Bernie's. Both men were sentenced to probation after admitting to driving around Denver with the corpse as well as using the corpse's debit card for stripper funds.

Just like in the movie, the 43-year-old victim, Jeffrey Jarrett, died of a drug (and alcohol) overdose. Foul play is not suspected in his death. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you're a fan of human decency, the men did not actually parade Jarrett around in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. He didn't even make it into the strip club with them.

Prosecutors said Young and Rubinson found Jarrett unresponsive at the Denver home Young and Jarrett shared, and instead of calling 911 they put the dead man in the back seat of Rubinson's SUV and went for a ride, local television station KWGN reported.

Police said that the men ate at Viva Burrito restaurant and fueled up Rubinson's SUV at a convenience store all paid for with Jarrett's debit card, KWGN also reported. The men then unloaded Jarrett's body back at his house and visited Shotgun Willie's, a popular Denver-area strip club where they withdrew $400 at an ATM from Jarrett's account, it said.

Both men plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of abusing a corpse. Now If only there was some way to prosecute the Hollywood studio executives that try to remake other 80's hits.

[article via MSNBC]