We try to believe that people are mostly not awful, but a depressing new study reveals we're right to be suspicious. Symantec found that 96 percent of lost cell phone finders will try to access the device, while an almost as staggering 89 percent will be looking for "personal-related apps and information." Oh, and the chance the finder will try to return the phone? Fifty percent.

Symantec purposely ditched 50 phones in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Ottawa. (No, there's no information on whether people were more helpful in certain places than others, so Ottawa is not off the hook.) Once all the "lost" phones had been picked up, Symantec was able to analyze the data.

According to the report, six out of 10 finders attempted to view social media information and email on the phones, eight out of 10 finders tried to access phony corporate information that Symantec had loaded on the phone and half of the finders even tried to access a bank account linked to the phone.

The report concludes with a reminder to password protect your phone — and you're not required to use Symantec software, regardless of what their study says. Or you could just not lose your phone, which seems like the better plan overall.

[Image via Shutterstock]