Vice published a story today that they are referring to as the "chain pub piss dungeon." It is not for the faint of heart. You would think with all of the weird Internet fetishes out there, we would be used to them by now but for some reason this one seems to have struck a chord. This perhaps trumps even the eel sex documentary they did in Japan.

In short, a guy works at a big chain pub in England. Customer comes out of the bathroom and claims he saw an eyeball under the urinal drain. They investigate. They enter a back room. A man hurries past, screaming that he is innocent. Both men regain their composure. They soon discover:

The plumbing for the urinal had been carefully removed and put to one side, leaving a hole in the masonry big enough for a head and shoulders to squeeze in. Tissue paper had been laid on the exposed brickwork to provide a comfortable head rest for what seemed to be a lengthy session of being pissed on. By men. In secret. In a toilet belonging to pretty much the biggest pub chain in Britain. Oh, and did I mention the snorkel?

It does sound like an urban legend, but there are photos at Vice. Supposedly the police were called in to investigate. If you need me, I'll be retching in my bathroom.

[article via Vice, pic via Shutterstock]