Here is a story on the New York Post's website about a jury ruling that Americo Lopes, a New Jersey man who hit a $77 million lottery jackpot, must share his winnings with his coworkers, who were in a lottery pool with him. The details of this story are unimportant. It is fascinating because, like a petri dish freshly set with agar gel, it has attracted every variety of Awful Internet Commenter. Behold:

The Person Who Connects All Bad Behavior to Obama as well as The Person Who Tells Detractors to Move to Cuba and The Person Who Believes Exclamation Points Are Necessary to Punctuate Semi-Literate and Nonsensical Retorts

Marc Tirrento
Obama supporters believe in redistribution of wealth...until they have more than $20 in their pockets.

Robert Butcher · Top Commenter
Hey - please get a clue - true right winger would be even more greedy.

Marc Tirrento
Robert Butcher: STFU Commie. Move to Cuba!

Gary Lowndes
Robert Butcher - Its obvious that your knowledge about building a space shuttle and comservatives are the same......non-existent!

The Person Whose Blind Anti-Leftist Rage Results in Illogical Outbursts

Larry Balsamo
Americo should join the OWS he would fit right in!

The Person Who Thinks Things That Are Not Particularly Funny Are Funny

James McQueen
What a greedy prick.

Rose Maggio
james you are funny,,,

The Person Fed Up With Those Greedy Lawyers

Bruce Đoàn
The lawyer will take 95% of the awarded money.

The Person Who Hates Everything and Has Poor Spelling

Belle Dbm
what a loser! I hope he goes brokw within the year.

The Person Who Uses an 'Equals' Sign

Anton Jean Nordstrøm
dick+head=Americo Lopes

The Racist

Chris Lapier
Take all the money this greaser won, and use the money to jail fellow greasers...

King Crimson
Is Americo here legally?

The Person Who Just Writes Something

Rose Maggio
I am sure they are happy now, good for them,