Please excuse this brief interruption to your regularly-scheduled programming, but we have a quick announcement to share with you that we hope you'll find exciting: Gawker has teamed up with Longreads, the best source for long-form journalism (etc.) on the web, and we now have our very own page over there.

If you like reading (not necessarily a requirement around here), then we'd love your help in making this partnership interesting. Each week on Twitter and Facebook, we'll ask for recommendations for current, excellent Longreads that you think should be shared with lots of other people. If you'd rather use a more traditional form of communication, you can email us your submissions with the subject "#GawkerReads." (Please don't send by post, though. Paper is precious.)

Each week, we'll post a roundup of stories on Gawker, and you can also find our selections over on our Longreads site.