Charla Nash, the woman whose face and hands were ripped off by a friend's pet chimpanzee, is trying to sue the state of Connecticut. She claims that Governor Dannel P. Malloy — who was mayor of Stamford when the chimp first escaped in 2003 — knew about the danger and didn't do anything to prevent the attack.

In an interview with the Hartford Courant, Nash explains why she feels the state is responsible.

She recalled an incident in 2003 when the chimp got loose and roamed Stamford.

"No one could control him," Nash said. "He ran amok until he got tired. So that, right there, was a signal [that] there's something wrong with this picture. And then they allowed her to take him home."

Nash said "there was a known danger in a residential area that they left unmonitored and unchecked." For the state to say it's not responsible, she said, "doesn't sound very fair."

Lawyers for Nash have hired lobbyist Kevin Reynolds to help with the case. Claims Commissioner Paul Vance still has to approve the request to sue the state before Nash's legal team can proceed.

[Image via AP]