Paladone, makers of the controversial bath plug Tubtanic, have issued a rather glib non-apology to relatives of Titanic victims who found the toy "distateful."

"We're sorry if anyone is offended," said spokeswoman Fiona Parkinson. "It's meant as a harmless novelty item."

The plug, according to Paladone, allows users to "re-enact the famous sinking-ship scene in the comfort of your own bathtub!" Not impressed is 79-year-old Ron Williams, who lost his uncle to the unsinkable ship. "I think it's terrible people are trying to make money from something that killed so many."

If people are offended by a bath plug shaped like the Titanic, wait til they get a load of Paladone's next bright idea: A birdhouse shaped like the Twin Towers.

UPDATE: Paladone Products has asked me to inform readers that they "are not and would never consider releasing a bird house in the form of the Twin Towers."

[Best Week Ever, image via Splash]