When you think "binge eating," caviar is probably one of the last foods that comes to mind. But hey, competitive eating doesn't just have to be about pies and hot dogs.

In Russia, 49-year-old Alexander Lavrov won the first-ever caviar eating contest after eating an entire pound of black caviar, an amount that would set you back about $5,000. And he did it all in a horrifying 86 seconds.

The event was hosted at high-end Moscow restaurant Apartment, which spent the equivalent of $65,000 on the contest. A spokesman for the restaurant explained the cultural difference.

In Texas, people organise hot dog and hamburger eating championships and contests. In Moscow, people eat black caviar instead.

Yes, yes, you're a classier people. But $5,000 is a lot of money to watch someone eat in a minute and a half. Do you know what would happen if someone tried to eat $5,000 worth of hot dogs? Let's hope we never find out.

[Image via Flickr/annieroi]