As expected, 30 Rock has been renewed by NBC for a seventh and final season.

The Emmy-winning series will return at an unspecified date with an abbreviated season consisting of just 13 episodes. Parenthood will also be returning for a fourth season, if anyone cares.

No word yet on the Peacock's other Internet darlings, Parks & Rec and Community, but the latest from people who know these things is that the unconfirmed report that they were being canceled is incorrect, and they will indeed be returning for additional seasons, though those too may be shortened to make room for a raft of new sitcoms that were picked up earlier this week.

UPDATE: Community has now been renewed as well. Only 13 episodes have been ordered, but HitFix says that number could grow to 22, and, at least for now, the fourth season may not be the show's last.

[image via NBC]