According to this Facebook page, 22-year-old UK-based guitar instructor Tom Frankenburg is a real actual person and not a viral ad mascot as one might expect after learning that he is giving away a trip to Malta valued at £1,000 after allegedly breaking up with his girlfriend and "going crazy."

A separate Facebook page entitled "Tom Goes Crazy and Gives His Holiday Away" has been set up to provide additional info about the giveaway, but the long and short of it is that Frankenburg will be reviewing responses from people who believe they deserve the vacation he can no longer go on because of his broken heart.

"The majority of responses are not people nominating themselves," the 22-year-old told the BBC, "it's actually people nominating other people which is really nice actually, that people are doing that." A winner will be selected in June.

The flight to Malta takes off from East Midlands Airport, so it probably doesn't make lot of sense to apply if you don't live nearby.

[H/T: World of Wonder]