Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and longtime boyfriend Nick Loeb have called it quits. Great news for Vergara's horny male fanbase — and for those who prefer Loeb's subtler charms.

It was a fairly under-the-radar relationship: that's what happens when only half of the couple is significantly famous. Republican environmental businessman — I know — Nick Loeb did consider running for Senate, but ended up not. Honestly, I'd be pretty impressed if you actually knew who Sofia Vergara was dating.

According to People's mysterious insider sources, this split is definitely for the best.

It was never a good match. She is fiery and free-spirited and wants to enjoy life to the fullest by traveling and going to parties and events. He's very concerned with his businesses, political aspirations and ultimately settling down.

"Fiery and free-spirited"? Was this written by her publicist? (Officially, both parties' publicists' declined to comment.)

And the relationship may have kept Loeb from his political ambitions, with another insider suggesting that Loeb didn't run because Vergara didn't want him to. Or rather, she didn't want to be a "political wife." Sounds like Loeb ended up dating Modern Family's Gloria when he should have been dating Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope.

Those interested in dating the newly single Vergara are advised to proceed with caution. According to this story, she enjoys living life to the fullest and (if I'm reading correctly) breathing fire.

Remember, even if you do manage to win Sofia Vergara's heart, you'll only get to see her in those rare moments when she's not filming a commercial.

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