Leslie Sandoval doesn't remember much about the night his friend Seth Foster ended up dead and dismembered. He does, however, remember the location of Foster's severed foot, which authorities have not been able to locate — and he might use that as a bargaining chip.

While Sandoval claims he doesn't care about getting the death penalty, he also said he wants to make a deal with Solicitor Chrissy Adams. Given how violent his crime was, it's unclear how much leverage the foot will give him.

Sandoval remembers going on a drinking binge with Foster, his homeless friend, but the rest of the night is a blur. Foster's body was found in different locations — his head, torso, hands, and one foot distributed around the city of Anderson, South Carolina.

There's no denying that Sandoval is troubled: he says the night is "like a jigsaw puzzle, and I can't pull all of the pieces together." He doesn't even remember his confession.

Sandoval says he is confused about exactly what happened. But he disagrees with a coroner's finding he beat Foster and denies a claim from investigators that he confessed and gave them the knife used to dismember Foster.

He claims he has not seen a confession or the murder weapon.

Sandoval is currently being held without bail at the Anderson County Detention Center.

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