Two years ago today, Salon's Twitter account pressed send on a single, everlasting tweet:

Very important for Obama to do him job

There are a lot of reasons to get fussy with Salon. They've just introduced a new redesign, the creative process for which seemed to follow the demand, "I like black, but can you add more black?" The site's archiving is unintuitive and difficult to navigate. And their email access is a chore. By the time you've actually figured out how to send a writer an email, whatever centrist suckass bullshit you're about to complain about has already appeared on MSNBC.

But that tweet was unassailable. There's no direct link to it anymore, but a solid MC and good Twitter dude named Satelitte High screencapped it:

People on Twitter were all over that shit. It was just gloriously and fantastically fucked up. What did it mean? Was Salon using some kind of ironic minstrelsy to talk about Obama and work and blackness? They couldn't be seriously advocating poor conjugation in a tweaked "Ebonics" way, right? This is the print organ of MSNBC, of the DNC, of basically whatever Obama is doing today that is awesome, even if it means burning over a hundred Yemenis alive, because their moms are totally al Qaeda. This was at least a secondary, if not tertiary, level of irony. VERY IMPORTANT FOR OBAMA TO DO HIM JOB.

But what does it mean? In a BuzzFeed post a few weeks back, FWD's John Herrman guessed that it must have been a typo, and called it one of those "perfectly poetic little mistakes" that organizations and famous people accidentally send out, and then delete. He offered an exercise of blog-overthought obscuring a lack of information. This silly crap coulda meant anything; it could have been the universe cloudily explaining that the guy with the 2004 teal Toyota Camry left his lights on. This baffling vacuity was open to whatever. Thanks to Twitter wag @diss1, however, there is a clear explanation, un-tortured by blogger anomie (verbiage cleaned up below):

In June 2010, Sarah Palin wrote a Facebook note called "Mr. President, do your job. Secure our borders." Whoever works her social media accounts cross-posted it from her Facebook to her Twitter, but they typo'd it to, "Do you job." In the early days Salon tweeted from the account @SalonMedia. This account manually RT'd Palin and added the piss-take message, "very important for Obama to do him job" at the beginning.

The old Salon account still exists but has now deleted most of its tweets, but some aggregators still have other people doing manual RTs i guess the only question that remains is why Salon's new account were compelled to RT themselves clowning a Palin typo with the context removed, but i think we can all be glad they did

We are. We all are.

If you are, rightly, a person who refuses to reward Salon for endless suction-cup noises made at the yacht departisaning from the marina, you can do so by clicking this link:

That will redirect you to Salon, but not to anyone with any balls. Probably to a DNC fundraising hotline. Or Joan Walsh.

America cannot afford to not do him dob. Dot com.

Photo: AP.