Around the same time that Ryan Hart was spitting out his Arby's junior roast beef (now with extra human finger), Redditor LinkBoyJT was biting into his order of hash browns from McDonald's. Just before consuming the last morsel of his King Size french fry, he says he suddenly "felt something on the bottom."

That "something" turned out to be a crispy, crunchy American cockroach.

According to LinkBoyJT, the dead insect appeared to have been attached to the patty prior to frying, which would suggest that an employee may have seen it and ignored it.

Though he didn't disclose the exact location where he bought his Unhappy Meal, the Redditor did provide an update, saying he showed it to the manager and received a complimentary breakfast meal for his troubles.

He added that "she didn't really seem all that concerned."