The Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC) Shelter is a no-kill nonprofit animal shelter in Williamsburg. They're great! They do the dirty work of taking care of abandoned animals and, hopefully, getting someone to adopt them. That's not always easy.

Some dogs arrive in a shelter out of pure bad luck. Other dogs arrive because they are a bit of a... handful. The fine people at BARC want all of their dogs to be adopted no matter what. At times, this necessitates some writearound skills. In the most delightful possible way!

Maggie—American Pit Bull Terrier

"We have struggled finding her a good home, through no fault of her own. She is good with other dogs as long as they are not getting rough with her...She is crazy about squirrels and pigeons and will try to catch one. She doesnt like cats, people on skateboards and little kids on bikes. She gets aggressive with anyone holding a waterhose and wants to bite the hose."

Just keep the dogs and squirrels and pigeons and cats and people and children and hoses away from her, and there won't be a problem. Adopt Maggie today.

Prince—long-haired Dachsund

"Owner surrendered because they couldnt care for him anymore. Prince hates everybody right now and is really moody, as he is still heartbroken."

Admirably direct. Adopt Prince today.

Troy—Amstaff Mix

"Very sweet and gentle. Troy still doesnt understand little dogs, he will grab them when they come near."

Oh, I think Troy understands those little dogs JUST FINE. (They're McNuggets.) Adopt Troy today.


"Sam doesnt like other dogs but he is learning to mind his own when he is out on walks... His old owners were Russian and taught him words in Russian only."

Everything should be fine unless Sam viciously attacks another dog without warning, in which case you'll need to speak Russian in order to get him to stop. Adopt Sam today.

Francine—Amstaff Mix

"She was adopted right away and just recently surrendered after a year because she supposedly bit their year old baby. The owner said that the baby would pull on her ear and tail since birth, and this was the first time she snapped back... She mouths your hands/arm when playing with her but she listens to basic command like 'no' and 'stop'."

Not a bad ratio, for baby-snapping. She may bite you, but she understands when you tell her to "stop." Adopt Francine today.

Sparrow—Amstaff Mix

"He doesnt play well with other dogs, he also has the tendenciy to guiard your home from anyone coming at the door he doesnt know well."

Sparrow will literally kill for you. Adopt Sparrow today.

Petey—Patterdale Terrier

"Petey is between 2-4 years of age and is a good dog in the sense, he is good when he gets to know you, but he is protective of whoever handles him and will lunge at anyone that seems a threat. He also doesnt like to be petted by anyone he doesnt know."

Let's just stop that first sentence at "good dog." And leave off the rest. Adopt Petey today.

[All they need is your luvvvvvvv. Adopt them all today!]