When police in Dubuque, Iowa, stopped Jerald Reiter on Sunday under suspicion of drunken driving, they were surprised to find a baby zebra and a macaw parrot riding shotgun in his truck.

Reiter had just left a local bar after being told he could not bring the animals inside, and was reportedly in the process of driving away when he was pulled over. He told officers the bar lets patrons bring pets inside, but the owners of the Dog House Lounge denied Reiter's claim.

The 55-year-old man and his girlfriend, Vickey Teters, told KCRG.com the zebra and the parrot were "like their kids," and often went with them on rides. The couple have three additional zebras and a quarter horse, which they keep in a barn by their house.

Reiter was booked into Dubuque County Jail and released the following day.

[screengrabs via KCRG]