Sex sells, but can it also get out the vote? A philosophy professor running for Mexican congress aims to find out.

She and six of her Party of the Democratic Revolution colleagues went topless for a campaign billboard that is stirring up drama in the conservative city of Guadalajara.

Another one showing four pantsless women is also turning a few heads.

Asked if she is concerned about potential backlash, Natalia Juarez, who seeks to represent Jalisco's 8th district, says conservative voters weren't going to vote for her anyway. "Even if I dressed as a nun and carried a rosary and said that my party was going to give away Bibles and rosaries, they wouldn't. Conservatives are never going to vote for me," she said.

An even more provocative ad is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks, but Juarez hopes it is her provocative ideas that ultimately convince people to vote for her.

"When it comes to drugs and the violence generated by drug trafficking, we need to start thinking in a radical way," she says. "What do I mean by that? Well, we need to start a debate. Let's legalize (drugs), tax them and use the money for other things."

Mexico's presidential and congressional elections will be held on July 1st.

[AdFreak, photos via AP]