Ah Utah. Always upping the ante on truly abominable, horrifying things.

Six People—including one man named Tracy Jordan—were arrested in Utah after torturing their newest roommate over a disturbingly long period of time. Around 9 p.m. on Friday, the sixsome forced 41-year-old Thomas Chapman into the basement at gunpoint after accusing him of a set-up. (One of the roommates had apparently been held at gunpoint several times earlier in the week and blamed Chapman). Shit proceeded to hit the fan.

According to reports, the victim's lips were stapled shut, his chest and ears were stapled, he was brutally slashed with a knife, drilled with a power tool, and repeatedly hit with objects from around the house. This went on until 4 am when, according to Police, Chapman was released "after he begged for his life," after enduring hours of torturous interrogation. All six, including the meth-face in the bottom right mugshot, are believed to have actively participated in the torture.

Chapman, wearing nothing but his underwear and a handcuff on one hand, then fled to a nearby friend's house. Rather than go all-vigilante on their asses like he probably would have preferred, Chapman called local Salt Lake City Police who arrested and charged the sextet with "aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, obstruction of justice and gang enhancements." Chapman—who got into this mess by offering to re-do their bathroom in exchange for free rent—was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but was released earlier in the week. Besides the obvious of giving your stoner-porn-watching-disgusting-slob-of-a-roommate a hug today for not being a crazy psychopath, remember this: Grown-ups should never be calling the 6 other people they share a home with "roommates"—that's a super no-bueno.

[NY Daily News via Desert News; image via Salt Lake County Jail]