A two-year-old dog named Xiao Sa — or "Little Sa" — made headlines in China last week after it was revealed that the "dog with determination" successfully completed a 24-day, 1,833 kilometer trek with a team of cyclists she adopted in Sichuan province.

22-year-old Zhang Heng says he found Xiao Sa wandering the streets Yajiang and gave her some food. Zhang, who was riding with a team of cyclists to the Tibetan city of Lhasa, told reporters that the dog started tailing them, but they didn't think much of it, believing she would get tired and stop after a while.

But Xiao Sa kept on running.

She followed the group across the entire length of the treacherous route, climbing some 10 mountains along the way. "Many people stopped cycling in some sections, then took the bus, but the dog made it," said Zhang.

It remains unclear where Xiao Sa came from or how long she'd been a stray, but another member of the team, Wang Penghao, said he had heard of a dog who would frequently be spotted by people on the road to Lhasa.

Zhang expressed his interest in making Xiao Sa his permanent canine companion, but he might have some competition from another cyclist, Wang Zi, who said he wants the dog to come along with him to his next destination: Mount Everest.

[H/T: Oddity Central, photo via Weibo via LiveLeak video via ITN]