It's been days since one of Beyoncé's back-up dancers tweeted a picture of herself posing with Kim Kardashian backstage at Beyoncé's triumphant return to the spotlight in glitzy Atlantic City, and the world is still no closer to knowing whether Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are friends or enemies or frenemies or indifferent or one of them thinks they're friends and the other one is like "I don't know that person" or what.

But people are really desperately trying to find out.

An unnamed source who certainly speaks like a Kardashian told Us Weekly the two are for sure friends even though people are always talking such random bull lol.

"There's always some random rumors there is tension between them and there totally isn't! Kim had so much fun."

The same source added that "Kim thought it was such a great show," which DUH. It was a Beyoncé show. "Such a great" doesn't even begin to describe the experience. "Unequivocally, the greatest" is more like it.

Can we interpret this slight of greatness as a burn?

Entertainment writer Tony Hicks of The Contra Costa Times reports that the two are "suddenly BFFs" but cautions that this time the acronym may stand for "Big Fake Friends," though that's unlikely because "big" is an odd descriptor to choose.

CelebDirtyLaundry alleges that, not only are Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian not friends, Kim Kardashian was not even invited backstage to the Beyhive but, rather, "crashed" it, and now "Beyoncé and her people are furious at Kim for doing such a thing." ("Such a thing" in this instance appears to refer specifically to posing for photos with Beyoncé's back-up dancers.)

Oh, and last week MediaTakeOut reported a very obviously made-up story about Beyoncé reluctantly agreeing to bring Kim Kardashian out onstage with her (to do what exactly?) because she had been pressured to by Kim, Kanye, and Jay-Z. And then she didn't.

What is your read of the events? Are Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian friends? More importantly, is it your opinion that they should be friends? Would the impact of such a friendship on your life be more negative or more positive? Is the alliance of Kim and Beyoncé dangerous? If someone took pictures with your back-up dancers, would you ever forgive them? Or would a fiery coal of hatred burn in your heart for millennia until one day you exerted enough pressure on it that, with a sudden pop, it transformed into exquisite diamond? Is Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) the best Beyoncé song? Have you ever had a negative experience relating to the significant other of your significant other's best friend? Is there another Kardashian with whom you would prefer Beyoncé to be friends? Is there another Knowles with whom you would prefer Kim K to be friends? (Solange or Matthew?)

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